The smallest person of them all, unable to be broken down any further into constituent parts. Fits into any pocket, can travel miles by hitching a ride on passing fluff. Normally engages in homicidal activities to uphold the legitimacy of the title The Small.
i am the small
no i am you great oaf, surely you shall die by my hand
by The muther tall November 11, 2010
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Another way of saying something shrinking, or going limp as in interest in a humorous way.
Being defined as losing interest in something, deflating.
Woman: What's wrong?
Man: Well, we were about to make love, but you started talking about your day at work. So now it's Smalling.
by Poet in the Corner June 13, 2021
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to steal jokes phrases or any one liners u may have come up with and use for yourself
by atomic monkey balls January 1, 2010
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