Hi Carrie,

How are you? Happy Monday! I was wondering when you were going to get me that quote I asked for last week. If we don't get the ball rolling ASAP my client will look for another company.

Please advise.

All the best,
by eventjubilee February 25, 2013
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A meaningless phrase that prefaces relevant information. It is basically unnecessary if not redundant, as one is engaged in the very act of “advising” when issuing a warning, imparting knowledge, or giving advice. “Please be advised” is used excessively by people in law enforcement and sometimes by those who became serious about life at a very late age, and now maintain blogs that purport to warn the public about what is largely one-sided, uninteresting crap.
Ryan: Officer Murphy, please be advised that our suspect is driving a Jeep.

Murphy: Ryan, the fact that you’re advising me is understood in the information you have just given to me. Saying “please be advised” is an unnecessary redundancy that pollutes our radio communication.

Ryan: Ten-four.
by Ned's Nutz April 23, 2010
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'Self-Advising' is the term for doing what you ought not, KNOWING BEFOREHAND that you ought NOT and yet . . . you do it anyway. This is especially true of calling with a known dead hand in poker. Against our own best advice to ourselves and gut instincts (and sometimes even the odds), we do what we know is wrong because . . . well, you know the list of reasons, we all have them and interchange and use them at random.
When am I going to start listening to myself and STOP! listening to myself? That's what I get for self-advising again.
by ORD ELLIS September 5, 2007
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Providing wisdom and thinking you are helping mankind, but others just see you as an idiot.
If your really up for honest advise, use two-ply, this way your fingers don't get stinky.
by abat97 October 30, 2009
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a person whos not doing any kind of drugs but is their to make sure nobody does some stupid shit
1. yo I almost go arrested last night, but luckily my trip adviser mohammed was their to make sure i didn't steal that alpaca.
2. can you be my trip adviser? ive never done weed before, so im not sure what's going to happen
by pink world October 13, 2019
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One who advises on ass.
Woman: Terry, how does my ass look to you?

Terry the Ass Adviser: The upper cortex is under developed and lumpy. Also, the mid level curvature is lacking in hemispherical properties. Your inferior gluteus essentially drops into your hamstrings with absolutely no transition. My prognosis is that you have a typical white woman's ass.
by Dr Hotjointz May 8, 2009
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Essentially meaning: "I am an asshole." The beginning words from someone or something that is about to reject, worry or disappoint you.
Please be advised that our policy does not allow us to accept your complaint.
by Bill in AZ February 18, 2013
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