What's going on over at the managers desk?
We got a complaint and it's going to be a LONG day.
by Samzar May 1, 2020
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A group of at least 4 Karens coming to ruin your day, and asking for a lot of managers
Manager: Oh know the complaint has arrived

Cool guy: Good luck bro this is going to tough one

Manager: I know bro this complaint always comes
by Stiffy Southern August 19, 2020
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when your taint smells so foul that someone makes a formal complaint to the local authorities.
Man, Martin's taint smelled so bad that Jenny filed a taint complaint to the police department. I think he is serving 5 to 10!
by jeeeeeahhhh July 16, 2009
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A book created by Phillip Roth. One would say it is about a Jewish kid losing his religion, until they notice the first 200 pages say "cunt" "pussy" "wad" "dong" "dork" "dick" "putz" or "fuck" at least twice a page. After that you could say it is about a Jewish kid losing his sex drive towards those whom he should stereotypically find atractive, Jewish girls, due to the actions of his parents.
"Hi"--softly, and with a little surprise, as though I might have met her somewhere before...

"To buy you a drink," I said.

"A real swinger," she said, sneering.

Sneering! Two seconds--and two insults! To the Assistant Commissioner of Human Opportunity for this whole city! "To eat your pussy, baby, how's that?" My God! She's going to call a cop! Who'll turn me in to the Mayor!

"That's better," she replied.

And so a cab pulled up, and we went to her apartment where she took off her clothes and said, "Go ahead."

Coolest fucking book ever.
by 6:47 AM June 4, 2005
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When there are no complaints to be had or something good happens this phrase can be shouted
"there's no homework"
"Ain't no complaints"
by Pickupthatpencil January 8, 2020
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Any number of Karen, in congregation, are called an "Complaint"
A Complaint of Karens, is like a Murder of Crows. No good will come from it.
by Biggerest D August 21, 2020
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not related to true feminism. Blames men for all that's wrong in the world. Does not believe in facts or logic. Often a millennial.
Person 1: I get paid less than every man in my firm.

Person 2: You've worked here for 2 months. Everyone else worked here for 5 years.
Person 1: But the complaint-feminism blog told me I should have equal pay.
by D_O_HARAMBE January 18, 2017
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