A term often used by the less educated when complaining in order to add emphasis and terror to a normally minor issue. Typically used to boost the complainants self esteem for their lack of education when it comes to reading and writing.
“Hi I ordered 2 ov these and onli got 1 I not happy please advise
by Tonytwotins September 26, 2021
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A holiday on the campus of Gannon University. The university cancels classes for Advising Day so the night before is known as Advising Day Eve. Students celebrate by drinking, partying, and running around campus making fools of themselves. A popular Advising Day Eve hangout is Antlers Bar. Even certain professors are known to participate in Advising Day Eve festivities.
Dude I had the craziest night! I did shots with the Dean at Antlers!" "Well, yeah it was Advising Day Eve!
by gu2013 March 29, 2011
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The proper response to someone who request or advises you to do something you have no intention of doing. Synonym: fuck off.
Girl: "You should really apply yourself more at work!"
Guy: "I will take that under advisement."

take under advisement
by w0rdw1z July 8, 2014
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The modern-day version of the "ladies and children not admitted" pre-performance advisory-message used by The King and The Duke to lure a larger audience to come and see their pathetically-mediocre shenanigans.
Nobody will ever admit it officially/publicly, of course, but everyone secretly knows that posting da "Viewer discretion is advised" cliché actually has da exact opposite effect for most people --- it makes them all da miore fired up to watch said media! And then of course after it's all over, like as not da viewers bewilderedly glance at each other and say, "That's ALL?! They considered THAT to be too "mature" for younger folks?!?? Why, that wasn't even as bad as da stuff they show middle-school kind in da couyrse of their lessons on history, social studies, science, chemistry, and stuff! Zheeeeesh.... da producers musta given it that rating just to lure people to watch their insipid mundane crap!"
by QuacksO November 19, 2018
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A social page for beta males
John the beta male crys for attention on blokes advise
by Zubrick November 8, 2018
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A former YouTube channel hosted and created by Phillip Scott where he discusses about stories and issues that affect the black community. Videos consist of potentially racial encounters to news reports and political reports that typically have a negative effect on black people in general. Now it’s called African Diaspora News Channel.
Welcome to the Advise Show, media with the common sense approach.
by Zero2infinity January 27, 2023
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