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A set of words in common usage that includes a needless modifier. Not to be confused with an oxymoron (where two terms of the same phrase literally contradict each other) or euphamism (a phrase used to change the emotional charge of a a word or phrase).
Examples of actual redundancies:

- ATM machine ("Automatic teller machine machine"? Just say "ATM".)
- PIN number ("Personal identification number number"?)
- "Call now for your FREE GIFT!" (well of course it's free, otherwise it wouldn't be a gift!)
- end result
- bare naked
- past experience
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
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A complete and utter result where you get to leave your mundane job behind and 'focus on your career' (that's find another McJob to normal people) with the added bonus of a payout not to do the job you hate any more.

Officially, there's a selection pool but it'll generally be determined by how pissed off your manager is with you when 'efficiency savings' (that's lay offs to us normal people) need to be made.

The best modern use of the phrase 'crying all the way to the bank'.
Employee is called into a room:

Manager: Profits have fallen and we need to make some efficiency savings. Unfortunately (this is shit, your boss doesnt give a fuck about you) your post has been selected for redundancy.

Employee: Oh no. This is terrible news.

Will you pay my notice in lieu?

Manager: Yes

Employee: What's the payout?

Manager: A month for every year of service. You'll get £20,000 tax free.


Employee finds another job and has a pile of cash in their account.
by HR_Advisory January 12, 2012
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1. A reference to a woman hot is both hot (attractive) and Asian.

2. Slang used on an east coast audio podcast show, The Jone Dome, to refer to an Asian woman who is attractive.

Derived on the basis that Asian women are generally attractive, so a hot Asian is a redundancy.

See also, half-a-redundancy which refers to a woman that is either hot or Asian, not both.
Ex.1: Lucy Liu is a total redundancy.

Ex.2: Let's go down to Chinatown and scope out some redundancies.

Ex3. Yeah, she's hot, but half-a-redundancy
by Double Edge March 22, 2010
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1/ a good amount of money
2/ the best way to make a move in your career
3/ it is a petty that I have to go just when this co. make me absolutly loved it
Shortly after being made redudand, she married him
by G July 21, 2003
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Fail safe-back up
Some abs modules use two computers for the same application as a redundancy in case one of them fail.
by diesel for lunch December 21, 2013
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