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a form of the name Victoria but spelled Wiktoria in the polish language.
by vickyis2vicious June 28, 2009
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wiktoria is one of the most amazing people ever. she usually comes from poland,, has brown hair and brown eyes. she is very loud and goofy, always laughing and smiling. she usually has one main best friend and goes on about them a lot. wiktorias are also very pretty and have one of cutest smiles. wiktoria is literally perfect and if you know someone called wiktoria then you are very lucky. wiktorias can also be quite wet but are fun to be around. she can make you smile no matter what mood your in. get a wiktoria in your life
-do uno wiktoria?
-yeah she's my peng bsff
-lucky... buh shes my girl
by skskskOoF February 02, 2019
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A name given to the most ridiculously amazing, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, incredible, cute, all around perfect girl in the whole Universe. Also a name given to someone who makes you laugh a lot. She is just stunning, she can light up the darkest rooms with her smile, and bring up anyone's day with her voice, there is nothing wrong with her at all, she just never ceases to amaze anyone, her beauty is hypnotic and her eyes are mesmerizing, she herself is so magnetic, on a scale of 1 to 10 she is a billion and one,she may seem like a good girl but have a night with her and you'll discover her total bad girl side.
Gosh! When i saw Wiktoria, my zipper broke!
by ladiesman2457 June 29, 2010
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Wiktoria is a polish version of Victoria and usually has straight brown hair and brown eyes.
She is a great friend and you never want to let her go.
Her stunning looks means she gets all the guys but is true to them.
She has lots of friends but most of the time only 1 main one.
If you are her main friend you are likely to be from an hot place like Australia

or Africa which is a cool mix with Poland.
Dude 1: that wiktoria is FINE!
Dude 2: back off she's mine !

Girl1: that girl is so nice
Girl2: she must be a wiktoria
by True opinion March 29, 2015
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Usually a polish girl with long brunette hair. Usually a very pretty girl who has many peng friends and is very kind but can be sassy and will jump at you if you mess with her or her friends.
‘Look at Wiktoria, she’s looking good’
‘Yh I love her hair’
by Ellie_123 July 27, 2018
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A beautiful and gorgeous girl who is caring and loving , she is liked by many boys but is always loyal to her boy friend . He loves her and she hopefully loves him
by MartinFromSkl:) November 27, 2018
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Emotional slut that everyone loves but she’s usually depresso expresso . She’s beautiful but annoying. Too smart it can piss you off . Amazing singer but she a hoe.
Delfina : WIKTORIA give me my fucking pen back !

Wiktoria: hahaha you fucking wish bitch
by netflixhoeb October 07, 2019
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