adj : possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; having a way with words
"That grandiloquent raconteur was charismatic."
by Jeannie in a Bottle May 26, 2005
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able to influence other people easily (as opposed to bribing or brainwashing).
Jasper was really charismatic, able to influence peoples feelings.
by Una Bella Flor December 22, 2006
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Someone (male or female) who knows multiple ways on how to attract people to them.
If you only have one way of build attraction then you are not considered Charismatic but if you have more than one then you are. eg. sense of humour would be considered one way, fun would be another and so on. I could go on and on.
by Urban Dictionary December 19, 2008
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A amazing person who will always be there when u need them. Funny as hell and just a good peraon in general. Will support you in everything u do. They will spemd all night playing video games with you. If u are special to thia person you will always be on there mind. Your welcome MerakiXD
"charismatic is so sweet" "omg i love charismatic he stayed up all night playing among us with me when i had no one else,
by Suckmy10imchghostdick November 5, 2020
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by November 23, 2021
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It's a person usually who mysteriously possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; having a way with words or actions.
"Damn dude , this boy is a charismatic enigma..look he can raise the dead with his words..hah he already has"
by Cory Jonathan June 8, 2005
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