One whom acquires asthma.
She is asthmatic. she has asthma.
by Sharquisha Brown January 29, 2019
When a girl is giving you fellatio, and you put her in a leg lock so she begins to choke on your penis. While stuck, you take two fingers and smear poop on her upper lip, giving her a Hitler moustache. When you release her she will be wheezing on the ground with said moustache, and will have received the Asthmatic-Hitler.
Steve: Yo I'm pretty sure I'm going to jail
David: For what?
Steve: I gave that girl the asthmatic-hitler and she died

David: Sucks man..
by Normal dude 44 February 21, 2011
Someone who is charming in a nerdy way
"How was your date with Jim"
"He is a dork but he is very char-asthmatic"
by Hoco21 December 17, 2017
an asthmatic person that hangs around smokers.
Jane: that whore! she's such a hypocritical asthmatic. she has asthma, yet she hangs with the smokers. IRONIC.
Harry: totally. Oh my gosh. that totally doesnt fly my spaceship!
by thisispissinmecleanoff November 15, 2009
when you are eating a girl out, and you bite off some of her pubic hair then you proceed to make out with her, making her swallow her own pubes.
brittany... i can't run track today yesterday robert gave me an asthmatic chipmunk and now i can hardley breath.
by IllmaticStatic May 28, 2004
I label for people with Asthma meant to give false pride to that particular subgroup.
The blue team picked the Asthmatic American last for the basketball game.
by Millah November 17, 2003