a white male/female, absolutely untolerable, can't understand a word they say, just OBVIOUSLY a wanna be . it's pathetic .
(real) white girl; hello, how are you today ?

(fake) white boy; aye mah how ya doin ?

girl; excuse me ?

boy; ya know mah, wus gud ?

girl; uhh, it's all good.. nothing's bad ?

boy; ight mah . dats kool .

girl; it is ? oh right it is !

boy; so mah i be hittin ya up lata .

girl; excuse me ? you wont be hitting nothing on me wigger !
by vickster . July 23, 2008
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white boys tryin to act blck which pissed everyone in my hood off likes to act big and tuff but they the ones gettin ruffed up everyday
by Camel October 06, 2003
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A term that arose from the racist slur "nigger" which was used to to describe those who had ancestry in Africa America. The word is used to describe a Caucasian who attempts to emulate aspects of the stereotypical "Black Culture", such as dialect, apparel, and music choices.
Ignorant bigot: OMG! You're white and listen to Hip-Hop, YOU'RE SUCH A WIGGER!
Smart guy: Is everything about ethnicity?
by X Manz May 14, 2010
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A word for white people, not black people because black people already has nigger
Bobby Jackson is a wigger, while Dominicse Powell is a nigger
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a white person who talks and acts "black", like he is from the hood.

most of the time white people who like hip hop and like the clothes , but doesn't act tough and doesn't talk "black" , get confused with a Wigger but they are no wigger.
wigger= (most of the time) rich white kid who acts like he is from the hood and talks "black".
wigger: "let's fight homie I'm gonna fuck em all up" *in a fight* *wigger cries for mommy*
by ssneakyy June 14, 2015
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A white person that has changed everything about them to be black; a boring cultured white person who loves black culture and wants to be black
Oh he's not black, he's just a wigger. A wanna be black person.
by BLACK MAN THE FIRST MAN March 19, 2017
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