M&M, a chocolate candy covered in a hard layer of an artificial color. Can come with a peanut center, or a simple chocolate center.
M&Ms are my favorite candy treat, they're great on ice cream!
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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M&M historically for the last half of the 20th century has referred to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris;the M&M boys; the two famous sluggers on the New York Yankees of the 1950's and 60's; the double M's later became the brand of candy by the same initials.
HolyCow! The M&M boys rocked the old stadium tonight
by Mike McKain March 7, 2006
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Nice melted chocolate covered candy treat with peanuts or plain. Comes in different colors as like blue,green,red ect; Used to eat; or to be eaten off of a person; or nice treat to have when hungry.
Those M&M's were quite a treat
That M&M was good off of you Martinez..
by Racheal Collins December 25, 2005
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gay (short for male & male).
Let's get out of this sausage fest, it's totally M&M in here.
by Nick D April 1, 2003
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masterbating maniac, someone who masturbates tooo much
Stephany needs to stop F**KING masturbating to andrew!
She is an m&m.
by andrew tran November 11, 2007
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Black outside, yellow-brown inside. Asians who act "black", not just by wearing ghetto-style clothing (which is cool), but ones who actually refer to each other as nigga and talk about beating up random people(including other asians, just because they act a nerdy)! These Asians are usually the ones who act disgraceful, not fobs,or twinkies, because they're promoting violence and hating on other asians. You never hear fobs or twinkies saying "yo dat AZN is a dizgrace to da racee" or something stupid like that. They also tend to be insecure, ethnocentric, and arrogant, and they treat their asian "hunniezz" like trophies,("hos" and "sluts" etc.) and refuse to date girls of other races. White girls are attracted to asians too, asian guys are just too ethnocentric. Their is no such thing as a pure bloodline fool! You're either A, B, O, or A/B...duh. Blood cells the same. I'm not trying to label, but these M&M's have labelled all the other asians, so screw that haha.
Black guy: Yo, that Asian guy just called me a "nigga". IS that fool stupid or what?
Asian guy: Wo hui shuo zhong wen. Dan shi wo bu xi huan ting "hip-hop". (I speak Chinese, but don't like hiphop).
M&M: Yo, stfu stupid fob. Ur a dizgracee to our racee shiet, Imma beat yo ass up. Oh shit, black dude, gotta run!
White girls: Hi, Chan.
Chan: Sorry, I only date other Chans. Not Channings. (runs)
by dimsumchefbest August 23, 2006
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In school, or at home

person one:you gotta any M&M's?
person two:nah, i just ate the last of the M&Ms last night
by nicca May 5, 2005
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