some shit wasps use to call irish and mediterranean kids
maddelana: hi i'm italian
oran: hi im irish
chad: your both white niggers
by wheremysuperkah00t May 11, 2020
A racist named used by the english to insult the Irish in the 1800 and early 1900's.
That white nigger isnt allowed in here!
by F.Amour February 20, 2005
A white person who does not have the typical privelages associated with white people. So he is looked down on by "normal" whites.
Chet: Hey Tad, look at Joe driving that beat up old car.
Tad: What a white nigger, my dad bought me a 30,000 dollar car when I turned 16 cause I deserved it for going to school and getting all C's.
Chet: He must be lazy unlike us. We were smart and hard working enough to be born with money and privelages.
Tad: I agree now let's go back to the frat house and date rape some drunken sorority girls.
Chet: Good Idea, that will prepare us for our future as CEO's and then Senators.
by GodsFavorite February 12, 2008
Unlike a wigger, which is a white person who thinks they are black, a white nigger is a white person who is treated as if they are black by other white people, i.e., disenfranchised by the government, looked down upon by posh society, etc. It was a term rock critic Lester Bangs used before the word "punk" came into common usage.
Christian Davidstevenson: "Hey, do you wanna go take E and wrap a Jaguar around a tree?"
Benjamin Finkleburgenstein: "Yeah, let's see if we can hit any black kids while we're at it!"
Christian: "Nah, we already killed all the black kids at our school, remember? Guess we'll have to go for the white niggers instead."
Benjamin: "To the library!"
by IMustNotThinkBadThoughts September 14, 2008
A word used to describe a person of White race, but who:
1) is acting Black (wigga), or
2) who shares the same social status as people from the Black ghetto (especially people from Catholic countries, mostly: Poland, Spain, Italy, also Ireland), or
3) who is working very hard and gets little money for it, referring to Black people cruelly enslaved and forced to work for nothing (i.e. Polish people in the Netherlands), or
4) who is discriminated on the ethnic surface (i.e. "Untermensch" meaning "subhuman" referring to Jews, Poles, Gypsies and Serbs along with all non-Europeans).
5) also used by the KKK and White supremacists to describe some ethnicities who are white, but do not belong to the pure Germanic/Nordic/Aryan race, which are for instance ethnic Jews, Slavic people and Southern-European people.
"There was a dramatic shortage of Polish brides and Poles were very often called “white niggers” by the WASPs, settlers of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant origin. Hence, the Poles often chose Black women, sharing almost the same social status.
Those Poles, the earliest emigrants, were mostly simple farmers for whom black women, born and raised on the cotton fields, were the perfect match. The word “racism” did not exist in the Polish mentality. "
by yitzhik December 23, 2013
A lazy, shiftless caucasian.

Frequently exhibiting signs of the "I'm entitled to / the world owes me" syndrome.

Found in all levels of the American socio-economic structure.
"When did your brother-in-law turn into such a white nigger?"
by VonDouchebag January 2, 2008
A white person who finds it "cool" to be acting like a black person. Generally wears "wu-tang" shirt, and listens to "Eminem"

Abbrev. wigga
by mofo February 29, 2004