Mugging; Is to stare or look at someone with malignant thoughts or intentions
Why you muggin on me?
by disturbed May 6, 2004
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to stare at someone in a menacing or threatening way.
That cat's mugging, I think he wants to fight.
by Max Critchfield June 20, 2003
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In some colleges in India; this term is now also termed to indicate a lot of studying.
He's mugging a lot these days. He wants a lot of good marks.
by hjpotter92 February 20, 2011
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Brian: Whoa, where the hell did my coffee go?

Ethan: Looks like you're the victim of a mugging.

Brian: Damnit!
by efiki February 18, 2009
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To Make out with during yell practice when the lights are turned off at Yell Practice.

I was mugging with her at yell practice.
by Glen Newell April 30, 2008
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Alternativley, in either the sports of Paintball or certain first-person shooters a manoeuvre where a certain person in cover is circumnavigated and shot in the back and/or side.
O <-Other person shoots in back
O <-Person
by Xan February 2, 2005
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