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Describes people of European descent, they are forced to support all the lying, stealing, cheating, raping, murdering, welfare collecting, crying about "whitey", doing prison time, for the above named offenses, smelly, watermelon eating, white pussy chasing, basket ball playing, making noise all night long, because they're not working non-contributing members of our society, also known as "niggers".
Most niggers being too stupid to say, let alone actually being able to spell Caucasian, thus are now limited to describing "Caucasian people " with much smaller easier to spell words that their simple brains could understand and be able to actually spell like, white, honkey, and cracker.
by omega greek February 27, 2009
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Origin of so-called Whites, Non-Indian-Aryans, Gemanics, Neanderthals, Scandinavian, Ghengis-Kahn Spawned Eur-asians, Anglos, Gauls, Spaniard/Portuguese, Italians/Latins, Turds/Turks, Khazarian Ju-piter/Jew-peter-ISH Seem-likes (Not to be mistaken for True SHEM-ites) Russians, Armenian, Caucasus-ians, Modern Turkish/Armenian "Arabs" (Not To be confused with Ancient African Arabs who truly descended from Shem, Abraham, Ishmael), and all other historically documented murderous, pillaging, land thieves, culturally and historically identity theiving, lying groups of various pagan, incestuous, ho-mo sixual, flds child-r aping, uncontrollably-lusting after Black men, women and children, brown-people-enlsaving, oppressive, immoral, false-sense-of-entitlement-having, most wanted-serial-killing, skin-head, egotistical self-ish, genocidal-maniacs, uncilvilized savages. Olives are Black or Green so there are no "olived skinned" People.

Synonyms: "White Devils", Japheth, Edomites, Earth destroyers, fraudulent and LIARS.
See also "Satan"and "Satanists"

Antonyms: Mankind, Human Beings or Hue-Man Beings, Colored People, African People, Native Americans, True African Arabs, Peaceful, Non-Eurasian Indidgenous People of Earth, Brilliant, Compassionate, Kindness, Caring, Righteous, Good
Little child: "Mom who destroyed most of the earth through lies, wars and pollution?"
Mom: "The Caucasain People did sweetie."

Little black boy: "Daddy who slaughtered all those black families in Africa?"
Dad: "Why ask a question like that? You know it was those white people, you know, the Caucasian People"

Student: "Why is it that, the Ancient Arabs were Black like you and I, yet the "Zionist" media keeps showing videos of Turks and Armenians with Headwraps on claiming to be "Arabs"?
Teacher: "Well you know, the Caucasian People always like to play dress up while they steal people's identity and land. That's why they're also in the Christian country of Nigeria, pretending to be muslims. You saw what they did in Lybia, Mali and Sudan. Our people, lives and our lands, with all it's natural resources are just a game to them, child. So keep your distance from them and be safe. "

Woman: "Apparently on the news this serial killer Peffree Talmer, raped and ate black males! That's awful what kind of people woud do such a thing, cannabalism?!"
Her husband: "C'mon sweetie you know it was the Caucasian People"

Guy: "You know I used to make a distinction between Brits and Caucasians but it turns out they worship Gog and Magog of the Caucasians."
Other Guy: "They do that because they want the whole world to know that there's no difference between, Western European White Nationalists and the Caucasaian People.
by re-defined April 10, 2013
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