Is when two dancers mix it up and fight with their feet and moves - like spitting - it's a dance up
The heat rose from the backs of the dancers as the dance up started to broil the floor, the patrons and the very soles of their feet. smell rubber or go home.
by nailskill February 20, 2011
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the act of emulating the motion of "jacking off" without actually jacking off while having the thumbs in the erect position
...after making the final cup in beer pong, the winning team proceeds to do the "thumbs up dance" all over the opposing teams face
by BLAMMERSS November 12, 2010
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When Lee drinks enough that he thinks he can dance. Ryan: "Hes got the legs right but the rest is just fucked up" This dance is almost as bad as the Elain dance on Seinfeld, just without the thumbs.
Damn it must be a good night if Lee is drunk enough to do the fuck up dance.
by leethal August 6, 2003
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The act of standing or sitting motionless while waiting for your PC to boot up or restart. Refers to the extended periods of time you spend motionless while you wait for your PC to restart, especially if it is not operating properly.
Higgins fell asleep in his chair while he was doing the PC boot up dance.

Bob had to be resuscitated after he restarted his computer and lapsed into a coma while doing the PC boot up dance.
by docktergonzo February 26, 2007
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