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one who is the definition of a whore, likes to go "skiing", sleep over at older guys houses. nobody likes her and she has no real friends. typlically a whorgan stalks and steals other girl's guys. watch out. shes a whorgan.
"oh my gosh did you see whorgan written everywhere?!"

"that whorgan gave him head while sleeping over at his house..."

"boo, you whorgan."
by malch007 November 02, 2009
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A word used to describe a slutty, gonnorhea infected, compulsive liar. Known to have a "i have a vagina, you have a penis, lets get it on" attitude
see that broad at the party last night? she was a total whorgan.
by heaps of ranga May 11, 2009
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One who hales from the great planet Hooker-Face. Known for spreading STD's at lightening fast speed. Sign of friendship is divulged by them holding up their pointer finger, ring finger, and pinky, whilst holding their thumb and middle finger together, this is commonly mistaken as "The Shocker", but is used as a "Hello" to all Whorganians.
"She is a Whorgan, from Hookerface!"
"Wow, that Whorgan certainly spreads VD at an amazingly fast pace!"
by MegaMed April 05, 2010
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