Amounting to nothing of significance
by Makeline June 15, 2017
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German for zero
And also I have seen it in YouTube.
Null Eins Zwie Drei 0123
by Vivbuscus June 27, 2015
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Programming term meaning empty or not set.
Pressing return on an empty web form returns null values.
by Chris Patterson October 23, 2007
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A group of people that have the same personality, likes, and are so similar that if you only saw their writing, you would think it's all from one person.

Usually very dumb, and hard to work with, and never stop talking.
"I go to school with three people, including me, Null, and her."
by Sub$t@nce February 28, 2018
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Ex: Aye Rod can I borrow your car to go the store, NULL!
by Young Rod December 21, 2015
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No estimation of monetary value; not amounting to any value system that could imply limitation. A social term used synonymously with "priceless". Used to express great spiritual and usually affectionate amusement. The word is usually used as a stand alone statement.
A. Null.
B. That lecture was null.
C. Comments on YouTube or Facebook simply saying "Null."
by Ma Ani September 13, 2015
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An absence of data. Or a word used by twelve year olds on Youtube to express their boredom. A word used when you can't think of a witty comment to post under a youtube video.
1. My computer is completely null. There are no files anymore.
2. Twelve Year Old: This video is pretty neato. Hmm what should I comment? *after a minute of intense thought* ..........................
by Nationic August 23, 2015
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