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Amounting to nothing of significance
Issues are null at this time
by Makeline June 15, 2017
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If a zero is someone whose life amounts to nothing, then a null is not even a zero. Unlike zeros, nulls can fuck everything up if they aren't caught and handled properly.
"I hear Josh was grounded for bullying autistic people online from his mom's basement."
"Jesus, isn't he like 30? What a null."
by Valerie Morghulis March 22, 2017
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No estimation of monetary value; not amounting to any value system that could imply limitation. A social term used synonymously with "priceless". Used to express great spiritual and usually affectionate amusement. The word is usually used as a stand alone statement.
A. Null.
B. That lecture was null.
C. Comments on YouTube or Facebook simply saying "Null."
by Ma Ani October 27, 2015
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NULL - n., adj. - signifying the absance of data. Things such as character strings, and various types of numeric values can be described as "NULL" when they contain no data. (shadow:light::NULL:data)
<faceprint> we returned js->roomlist without setting it, so it was NULL

(In C++:
void function()
int variable;

'variable' would have a value of NULL until it is initialized, and 'function' would return NULL because it was created with a 'void' data type.)

"Your sister is soooo stupid, it's like she's NULL between the ears..."
by Vorondil September 18, 2004
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1. Of or relating to nothing; nothingness.
2. Javascript, when a propertie has the equalness of zero, etc.
1. My bedroom is just null.
2. The command prompt asked me to type my name. I hit 'Enter' without typing a name, and on the webpage, it said 'Hello, null! Welcome to my site!'
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 11, 2003
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