- cut small bits or pare shavings from.
to whittle a piece of wood, to whittle a pencil, to whittle off
by Maxims June 4, 2007
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a person who can handle large amounts of intoxicants and still hold thier ground...someone who is side by side with you in the trenches while you are fighting boredom....
Everyone was passed out ...thank god for whittle....
by whitlewolf penis November 4, 2010
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asian man who gets boners occasionally in a class full of guys
wow, that guy is such a whittle.
by Braswell March 6, 2008
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to create something that is completely school appropriate
Spanky: Look at my prom shirt...it's full of sex and violence!
Stinker: Oh...I whittled my prom T-shirts.
by Dr. Dean March 30, 2006
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An extremely gay person who paints their finger nails pink and is in love with Yeager
Joseph Whittle loves Zach Yeager

Yeager told me that Joseph really is "Whittle"
by Sum 1 U dont kno January 14, 2004
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crushed, wiped out or routed... as in losing a set of tennis 6 love.
I played a game of chess and was whittled in 6 moves. Or... Jim was so whittled from gorging himself on gin we had to carry him back home.
by Randy S June 1, 2005
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