affectionate Filipino slang for "pal" or "friend"
My pare, John, has a tite ass Civic.
by JayRoam June 26, 2003
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A Filipino slang meaning friend, pal, homeboy, homie, etc.
Hey what's up pare!!
by nuway November 2, 2005
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A fruit, commonly mispelled by Jennas, especially the ones in Andrews
Jenna, you have a very small pare....
by Guy April 6, 2005
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Cries in a cool way

She's an angel , very smart and swag and damn gorgeous at the same time
Like wow
by Savage XD duhh May 19, 2021
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parees, also known as parvinder, is a ukrainian paki that we call russian bc he has no regard for human rights. he loves trans people and thinks carti is shit. sexy lad tho ngl, also part of gdk so would defo rail him. chat about derek chauvin like that and he will splash your nan defo.
Parees: "HAH Shivom!"
Shivom: "wuz da word cuhz"
Maxi: "ukraine is part of russia i stg"
Manan: "Carti is shit btw"
Parees: "ARE YOU DUMB?!"
by PlayboiParees December 16, 2021
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Rich Talk to refer to Paris, as you all saw on Ashton Kutcher´s Punk´d Show: Kanyee West keep saying i have to go to Paree, Ashton later explained to the unwealthy viwers that he meant Paris, France.
Man 1: Hey Dog, call Usher an tell him we are going to Paree
Man 2: Hey said he ´ll be there
by Luis LPL March 13, 2007
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1.) A slang term used by "The Crew" to express high approval.

2.) A word popularized by the Magallanes Indians which is equivalent of "No dude!"
1.) Guy 1 - I passed the Math test!

Guy 2 - No pare! thats fricking awesome!

2.) Student 1 - Dude, Iggy says im tardy again.

Student 2 - No pare! U believe that wretch? I bet he just wants to get even with you after you owned him in basketball.
by Hati-kamay October 31, 2009
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