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A derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. The "White washed" person does not necessarily abandon his/her own culture but rather embrace others beside his/her own. Some people take it as a compliment while others take it as an insult.

Just because I am open minded does not mean I am whitewashed. Get it straight!
by Maxiiee August 01, 2008
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A term that Norman “Nick” likes to throw on the Ray Naker, not sure why but he keeps trying to blast Ray for being white washed and showing that he has more culture than Ray
Norman “Nick”: Yo Ray, watch this tik tok and tell me how many bollywood songs you recognize, I bet you don’t get more than 2 you white washed fuck
by TurnM3Up May 01, 2020
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Someone who doesn’t act their race from racist stereotypes. But this is not true. From someone doesn’t speak their native language that doesn’t mean they’re whitewashed.
Jane Doe: I’m Mexican but I don’t speak Spanish or listen to Spanish music

John Doe: I hate people like you. So whitewashed .
by Imnotlike”most”mexicans February 22, 2020
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An absurd, patronizing term used for non-white (usually black) people who don't fulfill their negative racial stereotypes. This term insultingly implies that one's ethnic identity is mutually exclusive to the lifestyle and respect that a white person can expect in his or her lifetime.
Ignorant D-bag: "Sarah's black and she speaks proper English and pays her bills on time, she's so white washed."
by JumbleJumble April 19, 2011
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To be assimilated into the N.A society, forgetting your own language and culture and tries to act like a white person to gain acceptance. Looked down upon both of the cultures he/she supposedly belongs in.
Connie Chung is straight up whitewashed, yo.
Ya, lookit the way she tries to act white. Pathetic
by LeonC July 28, 2003
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When a person who isn't white forgets their culture and acts like a white person.
Billy: I'm moving to Texas.
Sally: I hope you don't get whitewashed.
by im a nerd November 20, 2004
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