A derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. The "White washed" person does not necessarily abandon his/her own culture but rather embrace others beside his/her own. Some people take it as a compliment while others take it as an insult.

Just because I am open minded does not mean I am whitewashed. Get it straight!
by Maxiiee August 2, 2008
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When a person who isn't white forgets their culture and acts like a white person.
Billy: I'm moving to Texas.
Sally: I hope you don't get whitewashed.
by im a nerd November 21, 2004
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a person of an asian hertitage who have completely forgotten their culture. they have been influenced by the white people in their immigrated country. they are verbally impaired of their mother's tongue. they have never heard of bubble-tea, sticker pictures and jitz.
by anjolique September 30, 2005
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J: Yo he just whitewashed his penis
K:Yea so white
by SuperUrbanGuy February 20, 2016
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gittin blasted by snowballs
guy: dont look now!
chick: *turns around* hmm?
guy: *throws his big white balls in her face*
by *Arkz* June 26, 2005
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Whitewashed (v) - to Ejaculate on an object, thus painting it white. Used in a sexual sense.
I whitewashed the inside of her mailbox.

Her anus is painted white from my whitewashing.
by rmw998 May 19, 2004
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Someone who doesn’t act their race from racist stereotypes. But this is not true. From someone doesn’t speak their native language that doesn’t mean they’re whitewashed.
Jane Doe: I’m Mexican but I don’t speak Spanish or listen to Spanish music

John Doe: I hate people like you. So whitewashed .
by Imnotlike”most”mexicans February 23, 2020
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