When someone who isn't white likes American (pop) culture. Usually used by people when they're shocked that one doesn't typically conform to their culture, like listening to music and watching movies in their native language.
Super Asian kid: You don't like Asian movies and songs?! You're so white washed!
Victim: Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean that I have to like the same thing as everyone else.
by not ur typical asian girl October 30, 2017
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A black person who lacks the characteristics associated with black people. In other words a black person who acts like a white person. Often caused by being raised in the suburbs.
Jamal was listening to Jack Johnson on his way to Starbucks, he is so white washed.
by Jackie Chiles June 18, 2008
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a person of an asian hertitage who have completely forgotten their culture. they have been influenced by the white people in their immigrated country. they are verbally impaired of their mother's tongue. they have never heard of bubble-tea, sticker pictures and jitz.
by anjolique September 29, 2005
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A term that was created by black people to describe people of color who reject their own culture and history (consciously or subconsciously) to fit into the "mainstream".
He's so whitewashed he doesn't even know who he really is.
by TheSoulWalker April 07, 2015
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What a black person is called, when they either look or act white, and their "blackness" is washed away, leaving white, they can also be seen as an OREO.
Girl 1: Daayumm, that girls like an oreo.
Girl 2: Yezzir, she black on the outside and white inside.
Girl 1 & 2(in unison): WHITEWASHEDD!!
by MrsCaarterr June 28, 2009
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When you beat someone so hard at a game that they might aswell leave (keeping a clean sheet)
by Urdeadateverygame March 29, 2020
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