A person with dark skin who uses bleaching cream or has a dermatologist bleach their skin to look more European. It is often done because of the social stigma created by slavery and colonialism that people with dark skin are not as good as people with light skin. blackfishing, racism, discrimination, bigotry, biased, dark skin, colored, people of color, European, white, African, Caucasian, media, social media, on-line, international, white people
It is sad to see so many cases of whitefishing on the internet and the feelings of inferiority it creates among people of color.
by joecoolthefool December 7, 2018
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A discarded condom floating in a river or lake. Often referred to by the body of water in which they are found, i.e. Lake Michigan Whitefish.
The MIT crew team rowed past a school of Charles River Whitefish.
by JakeStar April 19, 2005
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A dank little town in the northern hills of Montana. Often considered synonymous with millionaires and snobs, though this is a misconception. The true residents are down-to-earth chill stoners who do what they can to buy a ski pass next season. They love nature and are bred with a hateful passion towards the local police department.
Guy 1- I am going over to Whitefish to ski and get baked with James.
Guy 2- The asshole?
Guy 1- No dude. That's a common mistake that people often make. He, like most of the other residents, is super steezy and chron.

Guy 2- Oh sweet. I might come join you guys!
by Ex-foly-ate the Fish May 11, 2009
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Whitefish is a small town in Northern Ontario where there is nothing except for farms & stoners
All of those Whitefish kids smoke pot
by The Skull Kid July 4, 2011
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A human poop floating in any open body of water, including a swimming pool.
I'm not going swimming in there because I just saw a whitefish float by.
by classicalorder March 20, 2008
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A popular resort town filled with millionares, snobs, and assholes
Guy 1- I am going over to whitefish to ski with brad.
Guy 2- The asshole?
Guy 1- no the millionare.
Guy 2- same thing.
by fmitter May 23, 2008
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1 An attractive flirty female that you would want to have relations with, but is completely off limits. i.e. due to being slightly underage, related by marriage, sexual orientation, your best friends recent ex, your boss, etc.
Sara's younger sister is so hot, to bad she's a whitefish till she turns 18 next month.
by burntheorange February 3, 2010
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