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Dying a slow death can refer to people who may be living a mundane or a life without productivity or purpose. Such as a person who does not participate in society and rather watches television nearly all day, everyday. This can also include people who for some reason my have complete social isolation.
I once spoke to an Australian Aboriginal elder about the alcohol crisis in indigenous communities. He said that most of the people who drink alcohol to excess do so as it gave them something to do and an escape. He said these people weren't living but were actually dying a slow death.
by J-Jim August 24, 2019

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An activity homeless people are usually seen doing in carparks or in town as a source of tobacco.
I was in town and observed a person of no fixed address picking up cigarette butts, they then broke these up, discarded the filter and paper, then placed the tobacco in a tobacco bag. I later saw this person rolling up cigarettes from this source of scavenged tobacco.
by J-Jim August 12, 2019

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The act of wearing a mask to protect your self from Coronavirus but not covering your nose, making this act of wearing PPE an act in futility.
That person looks stupid the are free nosing in public. Should I give them a a lesson in how to don a P-95 mask or let them go on that way.
by J-Jim June 18, 2020

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Whitebread, a predominantly or all white community, usually live in rural areas but not always. Anyone who is ethnic (including African) in appearance even in the slightest way, people will stop what they are doing and stare. Racial slurs may be spoken as a part of day to day talk and people will treat anyone who is not white as an outsider.
The phenomena of Whitebread occurs as white people in these areas are only breeding with other white people, thus the term White-Bread.
I went to the beach today, it was so Whitebread. Everyone stopped and stared as if they had never seen a insert race here before.
by J-Jim September 08, 2019

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The term Yuppie Larvae originated in the 1989 film Ghost Busters two, in reference to obnoxious children at a birthday party. Other than this the term is not usually used in day to day dialogue. This may be because, the people who are around yuppie larvae on a day to day basis are used to these kind of children and may not think anything is out of place, those who are around the children, will be more annoyed at the parent's thus the children will be overlooked.

Yuppie Larvae are the children of white inner city (including inner city suburban) families who are middle class, typically of white collar professions of middle or upper middle management. Their parents must have an sense of entitlement or superiority including the perks that come with white privilege. They will generally have nice things, drive nice cars and be into the latest (expensive) fashions.

The children must be stuck up in some way, believing that if you are not one of them socially then you are below them. That includes the people who are around them in their daily lives, the people who are paid to make them more comfortable ("the hired help"). They may say "thank you" or be nice but they will never be humble and believe that everybody owes them.

Anyone who works in retail, or any other service industry will understand the wrath of Yuppie Larvae.
My students are such Yuppie Larvae, they talk over me and never listen. If I try to enforce the rules in the class, they make references to how powerful they believe their parents are in order to intimidate me. They are just a bunch of brats!
by J-Jim September 08, 2019

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Exclusive, A term used by marketers in order to sell things to give some sort of sense of superiority. Such as "our exclusive offer" or "exclusive housing estate". The Irony of the use of this word is that nothing is really exclusive, because anyone who can afford it can buy it regardless of their background. So the use of this word in marketing is just some sort of ego boost.
Look at my new house in this exclusive housing estate, notice how everyone who lives here are better than you (some how)...
by J-Jim August 23, 2019

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The idea of dating a fat chick with the goal of making her thin and therefore more attractive.
I'm dating an investment fatty, if I'm successful the dividends will be a hot girlfriend.
by J-Jim April 20, 2021

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