The phrase said to your best friend when you see an exceptionally attractive or exceptionally unattractive man. It is usually said in a hushed tone and with a head nod.
(creepy old guy walks past)
Me: Hey... tybf.
You: Huh?
Me: There's your boyfriend.
by spiffalicious December 06, 2011
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Hug your boyfriend week is the last week of February! So the last 7 days of the month, you have to hug your boyfriend at least once each day for the entire week.
Hey! It’s hug your boyfriend week, so now you have to hug him at least once every day all week
by Cheesecakeismybsf February 21, 2020
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Any form of getting some type of action. With your boyfriend.
Roommate - "Were you flipping flags with your boyfriend again last night?"
Me - "Obviously, you know how I get at football games..."
by seductive panda September 03, 2017
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Youre boyfriend already gave you his Hoodie? Or Sweatshirt?

Ur time to thank him with your Bra.

Its the november 5.
Person 1: My boyfriend gave me 2 of his Hoodies yesterday, how can i thank him?
Person 2: Just give your Boyfriend your bra its the give your Boyfriend your bra day
by J4stfinn November 03, 2021
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