Click bait to get you to go to the story.
He decapitated his entire family, including his grandparents, but what happened next will truly shock you.
by PBSPinchback June 14, 2015
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A simple Term uttered most commonly by a person in Secondary School who hasn't got a fucking clue what the next class is.
Person one; Yo what we got next mate?
Person two: How should I know I'm dogin the next class.
by MATE I HUD A ACCIDENT BOI HELP November 20, 2019
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The company is making a movie and as a teaser/trailer they say "See What Happens Next"... how would you say that in Spanish?
See What Happens Next, when you abandon the house
by Miss Mao June 26, 2019
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Used by the losing party In argument to hide shame and it could also be used by an individual trying to be cool in order to shame the opposition
“Johnny I think your fly is open” “ok bro,what next?”

“You know I’m right you just don’t want to admit
“Ok what next?”
by Psychodrama bitch! August 24, 2019
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These six words can be described into one word - clickbait.

They guarantee millions of views from people with 1.5x more IQ than the producer at the smartest. They try to trick low-IQ viewers (which there are a lot of them) into thinking that they are smart.
A car crashed, but you'll never guess what happens next
by Power476 December 17, 2020
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