(noun) penis

(verb) male masturbation

See also wang.
I've had a long, hard day at the office; I'm going home to have a coupla shots of scotch , crawl into a warm bed, lube up and whang my whang.
by Jake March 24, 2004
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n. A slightly acrid or spoiled smell. (at least Texas, perhaps all of the South).
This hamburger meat/milk already has a whang to it (and should be thrown out).
This cheap wine really has a whang. (Buy a better Chianti)
by WordFiend September 6, 2006
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To strike sharply and create a sound, usually metallic. A combination of whack and bang.
"Leela, are you alright? You got whanged on the head." - Futurama, "Anthology of Interest II"
by Platypus Man August 12, 2006
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To throw extremely hard. Usually at a person.
Man did you have to whang that rock at my head?
by Cheesethief November 6, 2005
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(v.) variant spelling of 'wang'; this also means 'to smell bad'.
Boy it whangs in here -- did you just trump?
by anycon September 18, 2005
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The subtle female bouquet - reminiscent of fish - resulting from an excess of old vaginal mucus. Sometimes found on ladies bicycle saddles in hot weather Shufti.
'Well Rupert; from the delightful aroma from the kitchen, I thought we were having fish for supper.'

'No, Claude: it's pheasant old boy. What you can smell is Lady Constance's whang. Quite mackerelly today, don't ya think?'
by Albert Woods September 8, 2007
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