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(int.) super-euphemism for gosh, created along the same lines as ghey; perhaps influenced by Amitav Ghosh, the name of an okayish novelist.
Gholly ghosh my knickers are now confirmedly in a tweest!
by anycon September 18, 2005
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Like being Slashdotted only the traffic is from Google, usually when they've adapted their logo to celebrate a special day (like Van Gogh's birthday).

But should it be spelt with an initial capital or not?
Artist Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands March 30, 1853, and today Google celebrates his birthday with a special logo. As usual, the top-ranked site for the search result the logo links to is completely googledotted.
by anycon April 04, 2005
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(n.) What goes on at Harvard. See Harvard.
A Harvard University report last spring complained of grade inflation that makes it easier to get high grades. Now the academic dean, Susan Pedersen, has released data showing that 49 percent of undergraduate grades were A's in 2001, up considerably from 23 percent in 1986.
by anycon September 18, 2005
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"Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e Is 'e hungle-pungle den?"
by anycon October 16, 2003
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A word that pretentious monkwank Judge Jules uses to describe a night of heavy clubbing characterised by pumping, uplifting beats and much narcotising. As it were.
Can be a verb or an adj. But the adj. must be hyphenated.
"That was a fuck of a bug-out tune"
"That DJ bugged"
by anycon October 16, 2003
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The entry above omits to mention the adjectival form, 'chavish', which describes a person or thing with distinctly chavvy or chavesque characteristics.
Burberry and Vicky Pollard (from the telly) are chavish.
by anycon September 17, 2005
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