A homemade wine consisting of fruit juice, sugar and a packet of baker's yeast, after fermentation the alcohol content usualy ranges from 16%-20% per volume
That cheap wine only cost me $2.57 to make.
by battle action christ June 17, 2008
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A low rent, cheap dinner whore. Most often associated with female college students. This individual has a savage desire to be pleasured sexually and enjoys drinking very low grade alcoholic beverages in exchange for sexual favors. This term originated in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area because of the large population female college sluts and redneck type whores.
Person 1- Who was that drunken dumb bitch you picked up at the party?

Person 2- Not sure. Didn't get her name, just some Cheap Wine-O-Whore
by Freddyneck March 7, 2011
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