A: Hey why u slap me you girl
B: im a boy
w h o c a r e s
by hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhø April 9, 2019
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A girl who ALWAYS needs a boyfriend and goes from boy to boy. Also says I love you to them with in the first few weeks of a new relationship. Always thinks the new boyfriend is "the one." Relationships can last from a few weeks to a year. Generally relationships with these girls last a few weeks to a few months.
Girl 1: Nicole has a new boyfriend, she says he really gets her.

Girl 2: Oh really? Like how Chad got her?

Girl 1: Yeah, I know shes such an I love you girl. She thinks evey guy she meets is the one. She rushes things too much.

Girl 1: Next week she'll say I love you and then they'll be over and she'll have a new boy whos "the one"
by EmmyNae June 24, 2009
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Doing something you want and beliveing that you can! Making your own path. You do you girl
I'm going to go on that date and do what I want. You do you girl
by Milaela May 30, 2017
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You go girl!
by VAKI5 May 7, 2005
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You Go Girl celebrates a person and anything special to them. It can be used to celebrate a recent accomplishment, or, to encourage someone in an upcoming event, goal or challenge.

You Go Girl can also be utilized as "You Go Guy."
"You Go Girl! Knock 'em dead!" (for an audition)
"You Go Girl!" (on attaining a recent promotion or getting a date with a guy you like)
by Pamela Hawley September 25, 2005
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1)Used by a (usually female) friend to encourage/praise another

2)Sarcastic expression used to mock one who is failing miserably at something/achieving something very insignificant

3)Expression used by camp gay males at any possible opportunity.
1) Janey: I just total betch-slapped that cow.
Joan: You Go, Girl!!

2)Janey threw an empty bottle into the bin from a distance of 10cm.

3)Dave: Want some coffee?
Mark: You go, girl!
Dave:....is that a yes?
by bedebben aibcadden October 7, 2008
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