when people smoke weed together in a group
"yo you coming to study group later? "
"yah bro, gonna be lit!"

"who's hosting study group tonight?"
"my place this time"
by squacoon March 18, 2019
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a collective group of people studying seperately, inspiring each other to study, and asking each other for help if needed.
by xarzziz June 5, 2006
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Study Group is a term used when a group of people form a cult like club. In this club, they have different roles; kidnapper, murderer, actress/actor, hacker, runner, tech guy/girl, stalker,etc. They plot the deaths of people who have hurt them in the past. The Study Group normally doesn't act on their plans, but it depends on the situation. They use the term Study Group as a cover story when they meet for their weekly sessions.
Ex Boyfriend: Hey dumb ass! You're such a slut! I bet you're going to that party tonight to get yourself knocked up!

Olivia: Actually I'm going to a Study Group....
by poutinelover March 8, 2020
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Something a chick says she wants to have when she wants to either A) get into your pants, or B) get into your pants while you're eating out one of her friends.
Melissa and Danielle said they wanted to have a STUDY GROUP with me. I'm gonna get laid, Finchfuck!
by Fuck Stick February 10, 2004
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A person, particularly female, who does not pay attention in class or keep up with work. Thus, before the exam, gets a study group together, so that people can re-lecture and teach her material; however, her intelligence level is so low that she proceeds to fail the exam.
Do not join the study group with the "study group queen". She doesn't know a thing and expects you to reteach everything we already learned.
by betty7777 February 24, 2014
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An excuse usually used by gay people to hang out and have an orgy together.
by McFreddyValuga July 19, 2022
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A group of people that study people together.
You would always see the study group about 39 deep waving from the back of a truck. At 39 deep, you would think they'd just attack instead of waving first.
by The Original Agahnim September 22, 2021
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