is when someone gets too close to your face and you can see all the flaws in their genetics. Like a woman with a beard, coke addictions in their eyes, grey skin, hair on the nose, or lips that look like they are sewn on but never actually were.
My neighbor acts so weird. who else screams ozzy listening to Marilyn Manson?
by deepsarcasm December 10, 2009
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different in a way that people don't like about you.
Someone is called weird when they wear different clothes sometimes of braces on teeth or when someone is not smart. That's the way it works until everyone all of a sudden realizes that no one cares if someone calls them weird, so they stop doing it when they are older and so after that the people that were called weird realize that they can call the people that called them weird...uh...weird! So when they call the other people weird the other people think that the people they once called weird call him weird and then he starts to kick them and they start fights, and in the end everyone dies so...I hope you weird people know what weird means now!
by Jeremy February 26, 2004
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Unique and Beautiful. Everyone who is weird adds a bit of imagination and creativity to the world. Some would say that being called"weird" is an insult, but to me, it is a compliment. If I were to be called weird, I would feel so happy and proud of myself. I think the strangest of people and the weirdest of people are the ones who will change the world in unimaginable ways. They will make the entire world believe that the impossible is possible. They are incredible human beings and the best kind of friends. I hope that anyone who has a weird quality embraces it and views it as a gift, not a curse. Everyone should have a little weirdness in them. :)
"Your friends are so weird."
"That is why I love them so much."
by A Fellow Weirdo November 13, 2017
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The odd sensations you feel after taking a slow-acting drug (such as ecstasy, mushrooms, or LSD) but before the effects have truly set in. The knowledge that something about your body and perceptions have changed even though you can't fully grasp what has changed about them. The confusing mix of nervousness and excitement that transitions into the actual drug experience.
Yo, I don't know if I should have take that ecstasy. I'm nervous and can't stop pacing around the room.

Relax, it's okay. You have the weirds. They'll go away in a few minutes and you'll be rolling and feeling great.
by nyaaron May 03, 2011
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to be interesting; possessing characteristic of a inhuman person; daring to be bold and freaky
The boy was weird because his ears were big and his ass was bigger.

by Sr. Finks December 20, 2007
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Description of a person who is usually cast out of social groups for their oblivious behavoir as they dont try to connect with others but live in their own world.
Dude, Rick/Kyle is so weird... why did he try to change his name to Rick?

He thought the ladies would like him!!!

Lets just call him pheonix because of his red hair
by Conorrrrrr August 21, 2006
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1. A synonym for "Not boring".
2. A synonym for "Awesome".
3. A synonym for "Amazing".
4. A synonym for "Outgoing".
5. Basically just a compliment.
6. If you're weird, then you're everything above.
"Dude you're super weird! That's a compliment by the way."
by Creatifyu January 19, 2017
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