Another synonym for awesome.
Guy one: That's so weird!
Guy two: I believe you mean, "That's so awesome"
Guy one: Same thing, dude!
by GenericUsername123 February 26, 2011
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Something or someone that portrays new and original qualities. Often, because those qualities are not normal, they are also considered "not cool."
Hey, did you see that girl wearing those uber bright green pants?
Yeah, she looked really weird.
by SqueakWhimsical March 09, 2009
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what a teenage girls call a guy, because he dosn't listen to "cool" music like, rock or rap.
or because he dosn't wear defects on his body like nose ring, tongue rings.. etc. therefor. he must be weird..
girl-1: hey look at that guy over there.. hes listenin to mozart and he wearing express fashion..

girl-2: hes so weird WEIRD weiird weeirrrrrrd.

girl-1: like chaaa i know rite?
by Kaetzchen der liebe October 16, 2008
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Weird is a very subjective word that lacks a finite definition because it is a word used for emoting. Weird can be used maliciously or ignorantly to describe behavior, traditions, or rituals that are simply misunderstood by the person using the word, "weird," when better words would be strange, odd, unusual, foreign, or fascinating. The word "weird" can also be used to deliberately dehumanize people and reduce their life-story in order to exclude them from social circles or relationships, because the person using the word "weird," thinks that the other person is trying to white-wash who they are and a history of doing weird stuff. Typically, the best use of the word, "weird," is to describe a sketchy person who does things that are abusive or annoying, or a person who is OK with being an asshole.
Anyone who is OK with being an asshole is weird because that person is simply unwilling to admit to being a jerk or bully.
by Rosebud2939 December 27, 2016
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Me. You. Everyone around us. We are all weird. Thats what makes us unique.
"Shes so weird"
"Well so are you. And so am i. Look around us. Everyone is weird"
by Babypumpkin001 September 05, 2015
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Differing from it's counterpart, the statement of awkwardness or dork or odd.

This form of the word is to indicate the lack of surpise in someones stupid decisions or actions.

It is said to indicate " I knew this was going to happen (or) I knew they were going to act in that way"

Pointing out the obvious lack of surprise.
Taylor: well me and kimmy are back together even though we fight all the time.

Matt: weird?

Taylor: what she's changed man.
by Randoni April 05, 2009
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different in a way that people don't like about you.
Someone is called weird when they wear different clothes sometimes of braces on teeth or when someone is not smart. That's the way it works until everyone all of a sudden realizes that no one cares if someone calls them weird, so they stop doing it when they are older and so after that the people that were called weird realize that they can call the people that called them weird...uh...weird! So when they call the other people weird the other people think that the people they once called weird call him weird and then he starts to kick them and they start fights, and in the end everyone dies so...I hope you weird people know what weird means now!
by Jeremy February 26, 2004
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