andrew is that guy in class that will make you laugh until you cry. he tries to impress everyone, and usually succeeds. he will always put a smile on your face with a joke, and even if its not that funny, you will still smile because of his charm. he underestimates himself. hes smart as hell and hes not afraid to tell his opinion, which are usually compliable. he always messes with his teachers, but they cant help but love him. he is very talented at music, and doesnt think his artistic ideas are good, when really they are amazing.

hes also that guy that you can talk to for hours and is great in bed. not to mention, he is so gorgeous. he is tan, with perfect brown hair and eyes you can get lost in forever. some may say hes an asshole. dont be fooled by his reputation, because all he wants to do is see your smile. hes also opened minded and he loves to joke with people, but when he really likes someone, he will be very cautious since he doesnt want them to think he is an ass. he is not an asshole, though. he can get secretly insecure of what others think but he is very good at hiding it. he can be the nicest guy you will ever meet.

if you suspect an andrew likes you, do not lose him. talk to him, because talking is his forte. he would never turn down a chat, especially if he likes you. if he thinks you dont have interest back, he might move on. or think he has, but he hasnt. cherish him, because he will always be there for you. whatever you do, dont lose him. hes perfection.
girl 1: That guy over there...who is he? he is sexy
girl 2: thats andrew...he is just so hot!
girl 2: hes so much more than that. he brightens my darkest days.
by swiggityswootycumin4dabooty March 20, 2015
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very very thicc
wow look at that andrew he is thiccer then kim kardashian
by lol idk what to put here February 27, 2019
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A god amongst men, there are few people truly worthy to be bestowed with the name Andrew. Women want him, and men want to be him. He's the life of a party, even if he's not invited. Andrew is capable of great feats, not just in the bedroom, although he is a consummate lover, but sometimes just out of spite.

Andrews can typically stop a rampaging bull with a strong, frank punch to the face, yet be as gentle as a mother doe to her fawn. He's the stuff of legends. Songs are written about him, plays a penned, entire. He can steal hearts with a glance, moisten panties with a breath, and command loyalty with a snap of the fingers.

In short, Andrew is the man to be and the man to beat, but few are capable to fill his shoes and fewer still can best him.
Dude, Andrew showed up, this party doesn't suck to be at any more!

Hey, Andrew, can I have copious amounts of sex with you?

Andrew, terrorists hijacked a bus full of nuns! We need your help!

Andrew is my favorite customer. He pays with exact change.
by Andrew's #1 Fan October 24, 2010
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Andrew is a good person overall. At times, he can be retarded, stupid, or just act plain dumb. But that's the cute part about him. Sometimes he's just really cringey. But when he laughs, it makes you want that laugh and smile to live on. Though he may not seem to care about what you say if you rant to him, he can just be there to listen to you when no one else will. He won't judge you or ever bring it up in a conversation again. I doubt he will ever remember it either. You can trust him with your secrets.
Haha, Andrew is back at it again with a new cringe compilation of his everyday life.
by PersonalExperiences January 12, 2017
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An AMAZING boy, super funny and really nice, has an awesome sense of humor and has the best hair. Not always nice to his/her siblings but should be, and gets all of the girls, and has a huge clock.
Andrew is hot and made me laugh
by leilahisabadperson October 17, 2015
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Ultra cool, Usually hot or at least sort of cute. Awesome sense of style, music, and humor. Sexy, awesome kisser
Man, is Andrew cool. I wish I was him...
by ASM BITCH November 24, 2007
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kitty person who is outgoing and loves everything and he is a lit mf
when it is somebody day to have fun andrew appears
by bolts123 November 21, 2017
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