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noun: a voyeur's paradise.
person 1: Hey there buddy, I'm logging onto paradise now!
person 2: no way! how do you mean?
person 1: Oh yeah, facebook, here I come!
by thesoccergod December 17, 2007
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n. One of the many words in the English language that is spelt wrong nearly always. Happens mostly because it does not follow the conventional "i before e except after c" clause.

n. A possibly self-reflexive word. May have arisen from a random juxtaposition of 5 English letters to form a word that didn't follow the "i before e except after c" clause.
"...and as the evening grew darker and the sun went crashing down into the sea, John stood in the woods waiting for the Natasha, feeling more wierd than he had ever felt before."
Professor's comment: This would have been a very worthy sentence indeed John, were it not for that mis-spelling of weird.
by thesoccergod April 02, 2008
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A (usually) enslaved woman who is paid for the public (meaning men) use of her vagina. Contrary to a large chunk of public opinion, most of these poor women are NOT doing this of their own volition. They are usually exported from 3rd world countries by amoral people who are interested in furthering their own interests at their expense.
"Hey old chap, know who's a hypocrite?"
"Bang on. How he could pay to have sex with a prostitute after having come down so hard on people involved in the racket baffles me. Then again, most public officials' behaviour baffles me."
"heheh, right on old fellow, right on."
by thesoccergod April 02, 2008
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A shiny surface, usually made of glass and silvered, and meant solely to cater to every man's and woman's inherent narcissistic tendencies.
To imitate someone/something.
Person 1: how goes it, old chap?
Person 2: it goes old fellow, it goes. I've just gotten back some of my self-confidence after a long staring match with my Casanova-like self in the mirror. yeah!

Girl 1: Did you lambast the Bush Presidency in your recent paper?
Girl 2: Yes, I did. And it really is amazing just how closely Dubya's policies mirror Reagan's. Self-proclaimed messiahs the both of them. More like satan incarnates. At least, Reagan could ACT well.
by thesoccergod February 17, 2008
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