I haven't been the same since I moved to 196.
by notdubMass January 19, 2021
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1. A subreddit on the website Reddit, and a direct successor to r/195, whose most significant rule is thus:
'If you visit this subreddit, you must post before you leave.'
However, this rule is easily ignored by many users.

2. r/196 is a Reddit community who exists on r/196. In its ever-growing popularity, the culture of r/196 has become very varied. Being one of the only meme-posting subreddits where being LGBTQ+ is not met with a barrage of downvotes, it attracts many people who are such- trans rights are human rights. Though, there is a category of r/196 users whose entire personality is fetishizing femboys, and they're really horny and uncomfortable. It is custom for there to be a greatly upvoted r/196 post which fetishizes femboys, and then an equally upvoted r/196 post criticizing people who fetishize femboys the next day.
r/196 is also very much a left-leaning subreddit, in terms of politics, and you can typically find r/196 users who are socialist, or communist, or marxist or within that region, and posts which criticize the failures of capitalism and western imperialism. They are also avid haters of Margaret Thatcher. Or any British person for that matter. They associate themselves with a caracal cat named Floppa, who is a mascot of sorts. Big Floppa is cute and supports trans rights.
'Do you use r/196?'
'No, I have a social life.'
Then they kissed (they're boyfriends).
by Teal_Dictionary October 8, 2021
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A subreddit that gained popularity due to only having one rule, which is to post before leaving. The sub started after it's predecessor, r/195, was shut down by the moderators.
Don't forget to post on r/196 before leaving!
by Abshdjfjfngjchfh October 7, 2021
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r/196 is a subreddit with no rules with the exception that you must post before you leave. It draws ire from other subreddits due to its leftist attitude and because it attacks other subreddits that go against this leftist idea.
"I get all my memes for r/196"
by theblurone October 7, 2021
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Some Reddit community full of the most unfunniest and uncreative people on the internet. Biggest things they are known for are being unfunny, circlejerking strawman propoganda, and fetishsizing a bunch of things while unironically attacking other communities for doing exactly that. Second only to r/atheism as to how collectively conceited they are.
Fatherless figure: I was socially exiled after saying that I'm a r/196 user
Rational people: good
by s8023js0339s August 25, 2021
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A decent shitposting subreddit with surprisingly-low levels of toxicity and transphobia, all centered around one rule: If you visit the subreddit, you MUST make a post before you leave. This tends to make the memes have variety, as you are required to post even when you don't have a particular meme at the ready, requiring you to pick from whatever you have on hand.
Friend 1: I'm bored. Any subreddits you recommend?
Friend 2: r/196 is a good one.
by Voxel Roguery October 7, 2021
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