1. A synonym for "Not boring".
2. A synonym for "Awesome".
3. A synonym for "Amazing".
4. A synonym for "Outgoing".
5. Basically just a compliment.
6. If you're weird, then you're everything above.
"Dude you're super weird! That's a compliment by the way."
by Creatifyu January 20, 2017
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A way of acting that would not be looked upon as normal by outsiders.
Jenna and Rosie are weird. Very weird. Very very weird. woohoo.
by Jenna and Rosie are weird. January 1, 2009
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Someone who is excessively amazing
Psshhhh, that girl's so weird that shes frickin amazing!
by Wierddman December 27, 2011
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person1- how are you?
person2- extrasuperfantastic
person1- you are soo weird.
by xoxoxoxoxoxoxo April 4, 2008
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Eric says I listen to weird music. Did he mean it as a compliment or as an insult?

Hey Mike, if Eric heard the Seven Mary Three song "Times Like These", he'd think you listen to weirder music than he said about me.
by Karen Stickney June 7, 2006
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Bully : you are weird

You: thanks, you are so nice and walk away like the boss
by Flipper September 3, 2015
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1. adj u would call someone who is strange
2. (better definition) horny/kinky
1. My girlfriend called me weird :(
2. My girlfriend called me weird ;)
by eat my ear baby November 29, 2004
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