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The "wehrmacht" is the old (during WWII) German for the military. Americans unknowingly labled the wehrmacht as nazis. Eventhough the wehrmacht was not too found of nazis.
Person: Sind Sie ein Nazi?
Zweite Person: Nein Ich kein Nazi, Ich bin Wehrmacht!
by Der Neger February 08, 2005
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The Backbone of the German Military from post- WW I to the end of WW II when it was converted into the Bundeswehr, the modern German Army. The Wehrmacht was the best armed and force-effective military force in the world at the time, the Waffen Schutztaffel (Basically the guys who were trained better and favored more by politicians and therefore ideologically puppeted more), its sister wing.

The men of the Wehrmacht were good and respectful fighters with largely anti-communist outlooks. They rarely gave up and would fight until the bitter end. Their squad makeup consisted of ten men, one machine-gunner and his spotter, a squad leader and seven riflemen. The riflemen were to 'flush' the enemy into the machine-gun fire. This gave the Wehrmacht a more organised and straightforward advantage over the complicated US Army squads, or the Red Army squads who could drown the Wehrmacht due to sheer human waves.

All in all, the Wehrmacht was very influential in the creation of post-WW II Armies. The Wehrmacht, was in no way anti-

Semitic, racist or misogynist as stereotypes might suggest. These traits depend on each man personally. The Wehrmacht is still well respected and even favoured by some over today's military forces.
The 'Afrika Korps', the desert warfare wing of the Wehrmacht, was so highly regarded by the British Imperial Forces that in either of their POW camps, both German and British prisoners would be supplied with books in their language, and even National Qualification papers to help put the Prisoners' time to use later in life.
by Hairy_Putin June 24, 2017
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Deutsche for "military power". A term used during WWII, by the Allies, to describe the entire nazi military.
"The wehrmacht had a shitload of powerful weapons, such as U-boats, railguns, top secret strategic missiles, among many others. o.o but in the end, we kicked their asses! ^.^ "
by Dave March 26, 2004
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