to insert three or more fingers into another person's anus
"The doctor fronched me during my exam."
by ty July 27, 2004
shove three or more of your hand buddies into a mans fun hole
If he doesn't shut up i'm gonna fronch him.
by coleJ hahaha December 28, 2007
To become drunk beyond function.

It is proven that when you become too drunk, you lose the ability to form coherent English. Fronch is the resulting mindset/language you speak.
Man, that was an INSANE party last night, I was FRONCH!

the curse of the word is yuo can only reference it in future tense or past tense, for there is nothing to be said while you ARE fronch.
by Jeff Conner December 3, 2004
A combination of being a French pirate and moshing.
Dude, every one laughed at us when we were
fronching around for a presentation on France in history class.
by Exhnozoaa December 8, 2006