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a wedgie is a punishment for tighty-whitey wearers like me their are many kinds of wedgies but the most simple is yanking the underwear up from behind.
this is real account of what happened to me a few weeks ago

i was 16 my mum and went to rome for 3 days and left me with my friends when my mum went all of them grabbed my tighty-whiteys and hung me from my bed they hooked up a video camera and taped me hanging there they called their mates and
they came over and then they pulled my trousers of and started kicking my balls i wasn't allowed to go to the toilet and i kept peeing and shatting myself the only time i got took down was when i was given a swirly.
since then ive been getting wedgies every day mostly messy wedgies and flying Dutchman wedgies but every gym day im hung from the locker until i beg or cry.
by killbill4567 December 10, 2006
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When your in first year and bigger boys pull your underpants over you head or rip them by pulling them from the back.
I am going to wedgy that kid till his arse bleeds
by Ryan November 20, 2003
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Wedgies are one of the most effective methods of torture on the planet. Bully's use them to terrorize their victims, usually taking the back of the victims underwear and pulling them up as hard as possible, causing large amounts of pain and irritation. The victim, usually in a lot of pain, will most likely cry, which makes the bully happy and give more wedgies. Wedgies can occur anywhere, anytime.
i was at the beach when the school bully was there to. i saw him and tried to run, but he grabbed the back of my bathing suit and dragged me away. he wedgies my suit hard in my butt, which hurt bad! he put sand in the back and front then wedgies the sand up my butt it hurt so then he hung me in wedgie from a tree at the side of the woods and left for a bit. he came back with lots of stuff said were gonna have fun! then he made crabs attach to my nipples and made me drink 10 water bottles ad eat some gross stuff to make me poop well i did! i pooped and peed all over myself and he laughed kicked my balls 100 times put crabs in my bathing suit and left. it took 4 hour to get down i cried!
by beachwedgie March 08, 2011
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any wedgie that is given to a dork or loser who still wears tighty whiteys by a cool jock who wears damn expensive brand name boxers wedgies hurt like hell i know from experience.
Wedgies do hurt bad!
i am 13 right now and my mom still buys me tighty whiteys i was on of the popular guys in school until my best friend in the seventh grade thought it would be funny to knock me out while i was in my tighty whiteys in the locker room (nobody knew i wore them cuz i allways changed my shirt last) i woke up hang from the school flagpole in my tighty whiteys with sperm all over my body and i could taste it in my mouth i also had a flag that said im gay right next to me so ya the next morning at about four am my "friends" came back and got me down it turns out i was up there all day for everyone to see when we got out and they started giving me nuclear, atomic, propeller, and all kinds of wedgies you name it they did it they did the marvin 13 times!!!! after that they tied my hands and and feet together and hung in the old shower room after making me suck all their dicks they gave me two laxatives and some nasty stuff to make me pee all day and lots of water so i with my penis and ass hurting so bad i pissed my pants like 30 times and and shit like 3 times the room was full of old equipment so i had to yell for the sixth graders me being in the 8th grade SUPER EMBARASMENT!!!! and the mean evil male gym teacher got me down cleaned me got me some clothes from the LOST AND FOUND (eeeewwwwwwwww!!) and called my mom they never asked who did it and they never found out from then on i was actually gay yes i liked the taste of dick so what i remained the queer dork and that was only 2 weeks ago so ya it hurt like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Cole Carrol November 12, 2006
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Wedgies are where your tighties get wedged right up your butt. Wedgies aare for nerdy tighty whity wearers like me.
I am 13 and one day i was getting changed in the changin rooms and foregot to change my shirt last. 3 people saw and straight after gym class they held me and hung me from the climbing ropes in a hanging wedgie.
after 20 mins they let me down and started giving me a squeaky clean wedgie (flossed my butt). It burnt like f%^$. Now whenever I am alone i get wedgies and kicked in the balls.
by Wedgiegetterer February 13, 2009
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when you go somewhere and you get your underwear pulled and it pulls into your asshole
owe wedgy that hurt
by AMegh1111 September 17, 2011
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