a wedgie is a punishment for tighty-whitey wearers like me their are many kinds of wedgies but the most simple is yanking the underwear up from behind.
this is real account of what happened to me a few weeks ago

i was 16 my mum and went to rome for 3 days and left me with my friends when my mum went all of them grabbed my tighty-whiteys and hung me from my bed they hooked up a video camera and taped me hanging there they called their mates and
they came over and then they pulled my trousers of and started kicking my balls i wasn't allowed to go to the toilet and i kept peeing and shatting myself the only time i got took down was when i was given a swirly.
since then ive been getting wedgies every day mostly messy wedgies and flying Dutchman wedgies but every gym day im hung from the locker until i beg or cry.
by killbill4567 December 10, 2006
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Wedgies are where your tighties get wedged right up your butt. Wedgies aare for nerdy tighty whity wearers like me.
I am 13 and one day i was getting changed in the changin rooms and foregot to change my shirt last. 3 people saw and straight after gym class they held me and hung me from the climbing ropes in a hanging wedgie.
after 20 mins they let me down and started giving me a squeaky clean wedgie (flossed my butt). It burnt like f%^$. Now whenever I am alone i get wedgies and kicked in the balls.
by Wedgiegetterer February 13, 2009
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A wedgie is the condition when someones underwear gets stuck up their ass naturally, or by someone pulling it up there. Wedgies are done usually to nerds who wear tighty whities. However it can be done to people who wear boxers to, and of all ages. Wedgies are done as an act of dominance, to torture somone, for sibling rivalry, or just friends messing around.
When I was younger I used to wear tighty whities. Supposedly, because of this my brother would wedgie me all the time. I think it was just because he was being a jackass. I have proof to since now I wear boxers, and he still gives me wedgies all the time. One time he had his friend over, when I was about 12, and he was about 15. I was laying down on my bed watching tv, when my brother walked into my room. I was immediately suspicious. He walked over, and jumped onto me before I hardly had time to move. He was pinning me to the bed, when his friend came into the room. He screamed, "Hold him down!" So now his friend was pinning me down as he reached down my pants and grabbed the waist band of my tighty whities. He yanked them upwards with both hands. His friend laughed, saying "Your brother still wears tighty whities," mockingly. My brother replied, "Yep, my goal is to rip them all." He continued to yand away while I was screaming in pain. Finally they were about half way up my back when my leg holes started to show and he yanked at those. I could hear my underwear starting to tear as he yanked more violently. My underwear was at the back of my head, when my brother thought of a different idea. He had his friend let go and lifted me up by my underwear hanging me up on a hook that was in my room. he tied my hands and feet together with some rope and they left me there. I hung for 20 minutes before it finally broke, and I was still tied up for a while with underwear jammed up my ass.
by average joe the 53rd March 8, 2008
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When someone pulls up either the front or back of your underwear or both
I made the mistake of telling my dom that I used to give myself wedgies when I would get horny and now he gives me wedgies when ever he wants to he loves giving me hanging ones and pulling me down a little every time he walks by till my panties rip. The other day when I was wearing just panties and a bra he came up and grabbed the front and back of my panties and picked me up by my underwear as I was squirming and yelping. My ass crack and pussy are now constantly sore I kind of enjoy it though it makes me horny but don’t tell my dom he will give me even more if he knows.
by Sluttygirl August 18, 2019
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A painful form of punishment or torture on uncool male children inwhich the underwear is pulled up sharply forcing itself up the victims ass. This may be complimented with swirlies, nipple twisting, and ball kicking.
When I was a freshman i was walking through the halls by myself when i was suddenly yanked of the ground by my tightey whities. I twisted around to see the school bully. He kept on pulling until i was in an atomic wedgie(underwear pulled over your head.) It was last period so he gave me a hanging wedgie on the hook on his locker. I heard the bell ring and suddely five seniours including the bully grabbed me from the locker and ran into the bathroom. they ripped off all my clothes except my tightey whities and flushed them down the toilet. They took pictures of my pasty body and then twisted my nipples really hard. Then they gave me another atomic wedgie but also a jock lock. Then they shoved my head into the toilet and gave me a swirly fo a minute. I started to cry but that just made them laugh more and kicked me in the balls. They finally took me outside again and slammed my back against the wall. then they grabbed my underwear and gave me the wrst frontal wedgie. I knew my sex life was over from then. They finally got bored of me and gave me a hanging wedgie from the basketball hoop.
by where its at20290 October 2, 2012
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A wedgie is a common prank among teenagers in which the victims underwear is pulled up their back and is wedged between their ass cheeks. Wedgies are normally performed by cool guys who wear boxers on uncool people who wear briefs or tighty whiteys.
There are many different kinds of wedgie. A wedgie from the front, thus squashing the testicles is known as a melvin. A mervin is a wedgie, usually performed by two people, from both sides. A north, south, east and west wedgie is a wedgie from all four sides. A wedgie in which the victim is left hanging from a high up object i.e a coat hook or fence, is called a hanging wedgie. A wedgie where the victims underwear is completely torn off is known as a ripper wedgie. A wedgie in which the attacker jumps up and down to make the underwear wedge harder is known as a sky high wedgie.A wedgie where the victim is dragged along the ground by their underwear is a dragging wedgie. A wedgie where the victim is wedgied and then spun around is a flying dutchman wedgie. A wedgie where a pole is placed through the leg holes of the victims underwear and spun around is a propeller wedgie. A wedgie where the band of the underwear is placed over the head is an atomic wedgie.
My friend apparently use to give me wedgies all the time because I wore tighty whiteys. I now know he was lying because even though we both wear boxers he still gives them to me. One time I was at his house and he went to the bathroom. I wasn't paying attention and before I know it he is in the room giving me a wedgie. This was even when I wore boxers. His mom asked what was going on and he said nothing. I was sleeping over in his house that night. We were playing truth or dare and I chose dare. He dared me to do whatever he said all night. I said I'd do it because if I didn't it was ten kicks in the balls. I didn't realize his parents were away all weekend. He said i had to let him do every kind of wedgie on me. I had to let him do it. He gave me an atomic wedgie so high it went under my chin. it was soooooooo painful. Then he gave me a hanging wedgie. He did it off the basketball hoop in his back yard and then he started throwing things at me. He made me go home the next day and get all my boxers so he could give me more. He gave me a ripper wedgie in my favorite pair (My white American Eagles). Then he gave me a propeller wedgie and a sky high wedgie. It was horrible. The most pain though was when he mixe three different wedgies. A hanging wedgie, an atomic wedgie and a melvin. He hung me off a coat hook with my boxers over the back of my head and my balls were absolutely killing me. He let me down after like two hours. Then h said he would only make me do one more. He made me strip down to my boxers and then gave me a hanging wedgie of a tree in his front yard so everyone could see. I got him back though because last time my parents were away I dared him to do everything I said and I gave him the same treatment but a million times worse!!!
by The dare revenger January 30, 2009
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Wedgies are what my bully gives me a lot. He usually puts hot sauce in my tighty whightys first to make sure it hurts more. Then he grabs the front and his friend grabs the back and they yank until the undies break in the middle. Usually after that, they give me a hanging wedgie in on the coat hooks of one of their lockers. After they let m red out. They take off all of my clothes except for my tighty whightys and give me a hanging wedgie on the flag pole. Sometimes they grab my underwear, pour hot sauce on it, pull them up to make a thong, then twist a pencil through my leg holes until the hole gets really tight, and make me sleep in it. It's the worst wedgie ever
Ryan and his friends gave me another Texas wedgie today. Then they put yogurt down my undies and made me wear them for the rest of the day
by wedgiereciever September 9, 2018
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