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Very agitated and over-stimulated. A person "pinning badly" is nearly having a nervous breakdown. Causes are drugs or a recent extremely stressful event. Major symptom are rapid speech, often with quick series of logic jumps. Minor symptoms include wide-open eyes, with darting eye movements.
You need to relax; you're pinning bad.
by Kingdragonfly July 07, 2015
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The act of getting browned/blacked out at the bowling alley, usually resulting in throwing a ball into a neighboring lane, pissing off old fat guys (bowlers). Can also include vomiting, fighting, or shitting your pants on the lane.
Cody is pinning so hard tonight... he just puked all over his bowling ball, and then threw himself down the lane!
by D-Raz800 December 21, 2011
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The act of having sex with a girl from behind and pushing her head down with one arm and holding one arm behind her back
"Dude I was totally pinning Maya last night, she was screaming so loud."
"Dude that's the chick with the fat ass right?"
"Yea it was hype."
by Thebigdickster November 13, 2017
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Steroid user/bodybuilder lingo for injections or injecting.
"Hey man, i just pinned one gram of tren, the pip was pretty bad." "Once you get used to pinning, it's not that bad"
by Black Broly November 06, 2017
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