basketball hoop is a small round object which can be inserted into any opening in the body and whilst inserted and exposed to said body parts, fluids will slowly begin to expand creating a hole in which pleasure can be enjoyed.

the most common are for a basketball hoop to be utilized is the nose, a long-forgotten and underappreciated hole in the human body. the nose can finally be used for and celebrated for its potential as a sexual organ.
"i bought a basketball hoop yesterday jeff. " said bryan , " I cant wait to use it on Penelope's tiny nose"
by jlingzzz December 10, 2021
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1)A girl too ugly to mess with behind the scenes.
2)An ugly girl thats annoying enough to make you wanna commit suicide.
Also see Rock and Park Bench.
Random Person: (Laughing) "So what happened with you and that Basketball hoop?"
Yourself: "I kicked that annoying hoochie out of my house becuz she was annoying the crap out of me"
by Aries of STARS May 9, 2007
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