Instead of mentioning Twitter directly when referring to it in a tweet, a class of pretentious users choose to refer to it as "this website". It is a fucking irritating affectation.
Ex. I didn't take the screengrab, I stole it from another user of this website.
by red-horse March 02, 2017
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a group of computer files broadcast to other users by means of an internet IP address.
She brought up our website on her laptop.
by _Nick November 02, 2008
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Anything on the internet, save for(some) pop-up ads.
My personal website is 'diggitymonkeemachine.egg'.
by Diggity Monkeez April 08, 2005
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I dont really know. Its got something to do with something called a computer and that thing Al Gore invented you know the...the...the internet.....ya that right
Yo dawg check my shizzle fo' nizzle WEBSITE.DAWG.YO.FIZZER.BITCH!!!
by XBAW March 06, 2003
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After one has googled they find the website, and click on it. Therefore they website it. To look up information from the website.
Johnny wants to know when the zoo opens, lets website it.
by Lucillerated August 31, 2017
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What Rainy from the famous Zoite IRC network does in her spare time.
by es May 09, 2004
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