Any website on the internet that promotes racial hatred towards specific races.
What's even more ridiculous now is that certain news feeds (especially The New Republic) are now calling Urban Dictionary a racist website just because of all the race-related jokes on there. Those are only for humorous purposes and are not meant to promote hate at all (even then they get more dislikes than likes most of the time).

If you really want a racial hate website then look up
by CelticEagle February 18, 2019
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Noun: a person that produces or aids in producing a new website.
I love your new site. It has excellent search engine placement, loads quick, great graphics…who’s your website midwife?
by AL!CE @ i Birth websites March 07, 2010
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a schools defense of students slacking off. usually schools will block any inappropriate website or any website for games, but they still haven't found tyrones unblocked games or the useless web.
student 1: aw man, coolmathgames is a blocked website now!
student 2: just go on tyrones unblocked games. they have papas pizzaria.
by sk_ype February 11, 2020
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On the 19th april of 2005, Tim Williams, Gemoman, Gemo, Tim or Timmy, was talking with me on MSN messenger, and out of extreme boredom, came up with what has come to be known as 'website tagging'.

The concept is simple. You take a screenshot of a website, and write something on it - your name - that the website sucks - That a horse took a shit on it -- Anything. Once this is finished, you illegaly own the website.

See the image section for examples.

Let it be known that this trend was started by none other than Gemo.
Gemo: "I've gotten to the point of boredom in which I'm "tagging" websites."
by Mati April 19, 2005
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Whenever you're on a website you probably shouldn't be on or are embarrassed to be on and have another normal website tabbed.
Ginny was watching female porn on her computer while her roommate was out, but had MySpace tabbed for her fall back website in case her roommate came in unexpectedly.
by ClosetBisexual May 21, 2009
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