A website for the depressed who are looking for someone. A profile picture could look hot but is fake. The statistics and stories that you see on ads are a bunch of bull. 80% of the people on these sites are fat chicks, 19.9% are creepy perverts, and the .1% are desperate people looking getting their hopes up for nothing.
Guy 1: So I went on this girl I met on a dating website last night.
Guy 2: Wow..., ummm...cool?
Guy 1: She is coming here soon.
Guy 2: Well, good luck.
Fat chick bursts through wall.
Guy 2: Hey! Is that her?
by Jackie Chan>Chuck Norris November 04, 2010
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n. A website that is deliberately designed to use too many computer resources to do a simple task, usually causing browser crashes and freezes.

Named after Rube Goldberg's "Goldberg Machines."
Man, my browser has spent most of its time locked up ever since YouTube became a Goldberg Website.
by The Ceej February 16, 2013
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*goes to urban dictionary* *gets bored* *decides to make fun of website by typing in the definition of ‘a good website’*
by PersonGuy101 November 29, 2017
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A field plowed with an advertisement so large that it can be seen on Google Earth
Wow, checkout those crop circles! Those aren't crop circles that's just clip art for an Amish website!
by winnthrop January 17, 2011
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Any website that viewers will constantly refresh, hoping that new content has been posted.
I spent hours today on my facebook page. It is such a refreshing website.
by MisterRyan August 03, 2009
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A collective noun from surfeit, meaning an excess; and since the method of navigating through the web is "to surf", many websites collectively would be a surfeit.
When Googling for best video game, I was presented with a surfeit of websites!
by Harrison Grady November 19, 2006
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This is meant as a continuation of the first definition found on this page. But since the system is a tad bit weird, I assume this will be the first definition, so look for the other one first and read it.

Website tagging, as of 20th april, thanks to Kyle Welsh and myself also means 'defacing' a website so that it appears thruthful to it's original form, but the content is completely changed. Great examples of this are Kyle's 'Gaygle' and 'Unibrow'(Unicef), and DJ's Mclawsuit.

We are pioneers of this, so let it be known where credit is worth.
Oh god, I'm so gonna deface this website... It will be the greatest tag ever.
by Mati April 20, 2005
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