A gorgeous girl who has sass. She doesn't take shit from anybody, and she's very popular. All the boys love her and always want to hangout with her. She's very strong and has an amazing personality. She's into "bad boys" and she is very bubbly. She will go to school and not care what she looks like because everybody including her, knows she's beautiful. She looks amazing with curled hair, and she usually had blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves taking pictures of everything, and herself. She also loves her friends and family with all her heart. Rainy is bro's before hoes.
boy 1- have you seen Rainy!?
boy 2- no why?
boy 1- shes gorgeous.

*boy 2 looks at Rainy*
boy 2- wow, your right.
by Kozrai December 27, 2011
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The most beautiful and pretty girl in the world. Perfect for me and totally mine. - Martijn
"Rainy, you are perfect for me, my love" - Martijn
by Mr.Foxeh December 21, 2008
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Is perfect for mat. :
Rainy Loves Mat forever! :
by Raino September 22, 2007
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An emo kid that loves making fan fictions. She is like a loly
Did you read that bad fan fiction. It was probly rainy that made it
by Twig kid April 5, 2019
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An overweight, metal-faced, vegan, emo kid who has disturbing fetishes for older men and/or smoking.
"That fat, pierced up fuck is pulling a Rainy."
by Rain February 1, 2003
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Raini is an urban short name used in some countries of 'nur' and 'aini' in Arabic which means 'light' and 'eyes'.

Raini is a name given to a girl with a very beautiful brown/hazel eyed girl. usually are attractive, seductive yet innocent-like eyes. always with pale white complexion.

if covering hair and face with scarf and veil, will become like a mysterious beautiful woman, with only her beautiful attractive eyes aren't covered.
"She is such a raini. her eyes are just too attractive not to fall to.."

"Wow! you have raini's eyes.."

"i wonder, how beautiful she must be, under her veil, judging from her pretty eyes.. that's raini.."
by ilhaan rasheed April 14, 2010
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