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A term used to describe a person, thing or situation that is exceptionally lame, and is often associated with physical weakness.
You can't do ONE push up!? That is weak sauce.

You're car is totally weak sauce!

Man, I don't want to go to Brad's house, that guy is weak sauce.

I can't believe we're lost! This is so weak sauce!
by Matthew Forcella February 02, 2009
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Describes an event or object that lacks inesnity and/or fails to fully accomplish its purpose. Used to degrade, or convey ones dissatisfaction in something.
When they are the 248 and you are the 313 and they are Weak Sauce
by Frothy Boi January 01, 2013
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Weaksauce(adj.) - A term used in place of "that is (lame/weak/gay/etc.)!"
(1)"Um...Honey, I think the condom broke."
(2)"Dude, you missed it! That fat chick just got punched in the face!"
by Garret June 14, 2004
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A lame, weak way for dorks to put down other dorks online after a lame, weak insult. Quite possibly the worst bit of internet slang ever.
Ha! You think *my* avatar is weak? Well, yours is weaksauce.
by Ted3243242 December 27, 2007
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the manner of being weak by nature of virtue and character
My friend Ronen Price is weak sauce and has a fat girlfriend
by no one of consequence February 14, 2003
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