The 313 is another name for Detroit,michigan. Detroit is where eminem(the rapper) was born.
Guy 1:Bro have u been to the 313
Guy2:nah bro but I heard it's very ghetto
by Krabbi Krabster aka Marcus L February 28, 2018
Area code of Detroit, the US murder capital and home of Eminem
Now everybody from the 313,
Put your motherfuckin hands up and follow me
by fish dish May 23, 2015
Detroit area code, where Eminem comes from.
Everybody in da 313, put yo mothafuckin hands up and follow me.
by Nick D February 17, 2003
Area code that encompasses most of Detroit. It's infamous around the U.S. as being a bad area that scares most people not from here.
Comin' straight out the 313,
no niggas gonna fuck with me,
you can beg and you can plea,
I'm gonna rock like Detroit City,
by Denis Baldwin December 22, 2003
Urban area in Detroit which is often feared by some people. Eminem, Obie Trice, and D12 all reign from the 313
What you know about a sweet emcee?
in the 313
none of the skills you bout to see come free
so you wanna be a sweet emcee?
You better become me
if you ever wanna be one, see

I'm livin in the 313 now
by jak December 25, 2003
Area code of Detroit, Michigan. You dial it first when you want to phone somewhere (optional). When asked where they're from, the natives sometimes reply either "(The) three one three" or "D'troit". The Detroit people are known for dressing very well (downtown, at least) and pronouce "Detroit" more like "Duh-troit." Not "Dee-Troyt" like the east coast/west coast people do. Speaking of out of towners, it's not three-hundred-and-thirteen, you idiots! Don't get me wrong, I lived in Detroit for 8 years (south-west), it's rather welcoming to foreigners. Hey, Eminem is from Kansas City.
Dials phone...
"Hello? Bobby? Where are you?"
"In the 313, where the fuck else?"
by *Bee* August 13, 2006