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A weekly gathering, occuring every Wednesday at 4:00 pm at the establishment of your choice, for the sole purpose of drinking beer. All work and other obligations are irrelevant during this event.
"Hey, are you gonna be at beer night today?"
"Well, it is Wednesday, I guess I have no choice - it is beer night - I'll be there."
"I hear Howard's not going to be there."
"What a pantywaist."
by webay January 24, 2005
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Just a couple of guys, sitting about, having a few beers. Although the term beer night implies that this may only be one night a week in actual fact beer night is every night (much to the detriment of daves marriage)
Mon 5 pm
Dave: "beer night?"
Dizzile: "Good plan"

Tue 5 pm
Dave: "beer night?"
Dizzile: "Good plan"

Wed 5pm
Dave: "beer night?"
Dizzile: "Good plan, but shouldnt you spend time with the wife?"
Dave: "Nah man she'll be fine!"
by SSJ4_Macd October 26, 2007
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