A funny word that only "sophisticated" people use meaning a lack in energy, enthusiasm, or passion.
By my troth, Calpurnius is looking a tad lackluster. Would you concur?
by D-Vo January 26, 2006
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Not having the enthusiasm or ability to lust. Not insatiable.
The hottest guy on campus just walked by, and Susan was so lackluster like she didn't even notice.
by ElleS2008 August 7, 2008
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An expensive Hollywood film of little consequence or entertainment value that does poorly at the box office--not even as noteworthy as a box office bomb. The antithesis of a blockbuster.
(Film name) was a true {lackluster}.
by Travelingmankc June 6, 2015
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Did you return the videos to Lackluster?

I guess it's gonna be a Lackluster night.
by Geenius at Wrok March 1, 2004
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No more emotional desire is being expressed
After +- 22 years of watching pornography any further observation is lackluster.
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A comic book series created by Eric Adams. "Lackluster World" revolves around newspaper journalist and albino, Fahrenheit Monahan, as he devises a plan to change the lackluster world he lives in before it changes him. His brother and sister, Kelvin & Celsius, complicate matters with thier attempts to religiously convert him by what ever means necessary.
If dead is what you are when you stop living, then this Lackluster World in a necropolis-metropolis. Where Were You The Day You Died?
by AnonymousWriter July 26, 2005
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Someone who performs poorly at any given task. Usually fortnite only up or fortnite box fights.
Person 1: "You are Mr. Lackluster."Person 2: "Don't call me Mr. Lackluster."
by AriZonaTeaStan July 19, 2023
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