Term used to describe an individuals inablity to perform or excel in physical activity; namely used when describing individuals in the gym
Guy 1: Man, look at that guy over there squatting

Guy 2: Oh you mean, Chad Jackson?

Guy 1: Yeah man, what's the deal with his form?

Guy 2: Don't mind him. He's nothing but weaksauce.
by DEATHdealer December 26, 2013
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People who go to sleep early, for the sake of getting an extra hour of sleep.
Davis stopped texting me at 11 because he wanted an extra hour of sleep. Weak sauce.
by _ladytromboner October 26, 2014
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Reffering to something that is done easily or without much effort. This term can also be used to describe someone who is far less superior than the person who uses this statement.
Yeah dude, I was benching like 350 today. I put it up 12 times. Shit was Weak Sauce.


I pancaked that tool in the football game yesterday. He's weak sauce.
by John Masini February 29, 2008
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Completely and utterly irrelevant
Ximian should know when to STFU with his weak sauce bullshit
by Taint E. Taint August 07, 2003
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(1)Word used in place of more definite adjectives. Weak being interchangeable with many other adjectives, while sauce remains as a suffix.
(2)Lacking fertile sperm.
(1a)"Uh, dude, we're all out of bud."
(1b)"Man, my mom caught me tokin' last night.
(2)"Goddamnit, we need to adopt kids."
"'Cause you've got fuckin' weaksauce."
by Garret February 06, 2005
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1:Being completly horrible at anything and everything you do.
2:Able to be defeated by a girl
3:Lack of knowledge when it comes to fighting
4:Living with you mother
5:Specifically Russ Hightower
" You are seriously weak sauce"
" I cant be seen with a weak sauce like you"
by Beairsto May 23, 2007
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Only geeks/nerds use this term on the internet, they think they are cool if they say it.
nerd 1 : Hey man your the weaketh sauce!

Normal person : STFU, nerd before you get smashed on.
by Nerdsmasher July 14, 2005
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