The only proper response to something that makes absolutely no sense.
1: If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, Halloween and Easter would fall on the same day.
2: wat

1: Wow your cock is almost as big as my dad's.
2: wat

1: I accidentially a whole coke bottle
2: You accidentially what?
1: A whole coke bottle
2: wat
by watwat September 4, 2008
Mr. Quisno's catchphrase, if you hear it you're soon to witness a throat punch. He has an extravagant variety of throat punches ranging from Nigeria to Pakistan.
Wat the, what is this.
by Aly R/B September 15, 2019
"wat." is a full sentence, used as a reply to something that makes no sense at all, to indicate confusion. "wat." is never typed/written with a capital letter, nor with a question mark. Sometimes though, the period is left out.
1: My cock looks yellow, with little blue dots on it. What can I do?
2: wat.
by Zyyghe February 3, 2009
Another way of saying what on message boards.

Similar to wut
<jd998> nuh girls can 2
<jd998> but its not like our cum its like water but clear
<sweetangel13> rly?
<sweetangel13> i've never done it
<jd998> ok
<jd998> well how do u no when to stop
<sweetangel13> i dunno. it feels good for a while and i just decide to stop...
<sweetangel13> im afraid of my parents walking in
<jd998> y how do u do it
<jd998> liekon ur bed or with ur nikers on
<sweetangel13> at night i get on my bed and put my covers over me
<jd998> n wat
<jd998> pull ur nikers down
<sweetangel13> then i take my panties off and rub some vaseline on my fingers
<jd998> ok y vaseline
<sweetangel13> it makes it easier
<sweetangel13> then i stick my fingers in there...
<jd998> nice nice
<sweetangel13> and start moving it around.
<jd998> u got msn
<sweetangel13> no sorry
<jd998> fuk yer
<jd998> how many fingers have u had in ur pussy before
<sweetangel13> and eventually i get 2 fingers in there
<sweetangel13> then i put some vaseline on my other hand
<sweetangel13> and start rubbing my penis.
<jd998> wat
by RROOMM April 11, 2009

Pronounced like “ratted” with a W, is present tense and does not change form when plural or in other tenses.

Definition: When one’s movement is inhibited by a cat lying on them.
I can’t come to the kitchen right now because I’m being watted.
by shoppingcart2.0 November 7, 2020
Slang. Indicates confusion or a need for clarification. Statement/question.
1: "lolz Yea sex is great and everything but its way too overrated. Its like o yea i screwed this girl or this guy and i hear it over and over. And all it causes is more drama, not org drama, but more like Maury drama. So yea, im not gonna have sex till i have a gf that lasts for a year."
2: "wat"
by stewpidwhytemayun June 8, 2005
WATS: meaning what one would say from the 187 Murderedout empire ™️ meaning WE AIN'T THE SAME!
So you just got busted with hella drugs and weapons and you out in a week end and a fine ?? 😂 Fool I can't even stand next to your sorry ass with out going to jail not just cuz I'm called 187 see that's why ( WATS) WE AIN'T THE SAME!!💯
by k187c November 11, 2021